What is Tenuki?

Tenuki is an innovative strategy for an ancient game. Like the modern global market, the Chinese game "Go" (also known wéiqí in Chinese) is a deceptively simple game of positioning, expansion, and conquest, in which two players attempt to outmaneuver each other to capture a larger chunk of the board.

Skilled players understand that opponents can become bogged down in fruitless local conflicts. When that happens, grandmasters will often choose to ignore the tactics of their opponent in a regional skirmish and seek new opportunities in an unexplored part of the board. This strategy, known as "tenuki," is both so simple and effective that its wisdom has been enshrined in a famous Chinese adage: "When in doubt, tenuki."

How can Tenuki help you?

In today's global marketplace, the principles of tenuki are more relevant than ever. While one region may flounder, another thrives. While your competitors may fight over an increasingly shrinking share of a declining market, they may miss opportunities generated by entirely new technologies.

While Europe struggles, China and India thrive. While fossil fuel production declines, new energy technologies are becoming increasingly competitive. Demographic shifts are creating a new breed of consumers, with new desires, speaking a new language, and presenting new challenges.

Tenuki helps our clients identify new marketing opportunities and open new territories. Our team of marketing strategists and consultants works with you to develop new strategies and craft the most effective message for your business.

Seize the opportunities your competitors ignore. Take the initiative. Tenuki.